I work with CEO’s, executives and business owners in the financial, business and healthcare sectors – to develop a management team who are strong, cohesive and proactive so that they are united in their efforts to grow the business and serve their clients to a high standard.

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Everyone knows that organisations world-wide achieve results through their people. I encourage my clients to move things into sharper focus, guiding them to develop this practice of looking to their customers, employees and themselves.

People are at the heart of the solution – regardless of the business issues that need to be addressed.

Management Mastery Program

Harvest the power of your management team with this collective training to get your team to work as one, consistently and proactively, for the good of your business.

Comprehensive and proven management mastery training and methodologies with Charley.

Career Clarity Roadmap

Imagine living and working in balance, with greater clarity and feeling in control of your career and your life.

Have you outgrown your current job?

Are you tired of your current situation working endless hours, tackling increased workloads and asking yourself ‘is this it?

Are you starting in a new and undefined role or do you need some professional guidance to help you get ‘unstuck’?

My Career Clarity Roadmap will help you get results.


I partner my clients in achieving tangible results and in taking decisive action to achieve their goals during implementation.

Whether it is in Ireland or overseas, I consult privately or as a sub-contractor to major international organisations.

If you would like to discuss your business needs with me or to engage me as part of your international project team, please email me at charley@charleyswords.com


Bespoke Training

I develop and deliver tailor-made, interactive and results orientated training programs and workshops globally for:

  • Corporations and SMEs - all sectors;
  • Healthcare Sector – public, private and member associations;
  • International Donor and Government funded Programmes;
  • Individuals interested in learning in a group context.

Email me at charley@charleyswords.com


Effective Healthcare Professionals Group is a community for all those interested in the professional development of healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, clinical nurse managers, directors & assistant directors of nursing, care managers & health care assistants etc. working in the healthcare sector in Ireland.  Through the group I aim to facilitate a collaborative environment where you can learn, network, share, and feel some level of support as you deal with the everyday challenges you face.

What People Are Saying

“Charley has been an exceptional mentor to me. She helped me to articulate my personal strengths and the highlights of my career in the best possible way to present during the interview. She boosted my confidence to a new level. The interview tips that she provided were extremely helpful.

​As a mentor she helped me find the better version of myself rather than trying to mould me to her perspective. I would highly recommend Charley to anyone who is looking for mentoring, interview preparation and who genuinely would like to practice and improve their managerial skills.”

M. Vinu

Dublin, Ireland - April 2018

“Very applicable to nursing and to the point, raised awareness of improved ways to communicate”.

“The role-play was very necessary, enlightening and nerve-wracking”.

“Very informative & provided much needed skills”.

“Charley is a very open and engaging facilitator”.

“This programme should be provided to all staff”.

“Charley made it very interesting and most importantly, very relevant”.

“The mix of theory and role-play is excellent and very beneficial”.

Testimonials for training on ‘Communicating Effectively in a Nursing Environment’

Bon Secours Hospital, Dublin – January 2018

“Charley has worked with us on a number of projects where she analysed work-flow processes for our clients.

Her insightful analysis and effective methods of extracting information & data allowed us to demonstrate to our clients how they could increase productivity and save time and money by using various features of our online platform.

Charley’s work contributed significantly to enhancing our overall customer service and cementing our relationships.”

Tom Kelly

CEO TradeCert - July 2017

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