The Importance of Employee Development

Your employees are your principle business asset. Investing in them thoughtfully and strategically is essential for the continued success and growth of your organisation. For you: Is your employee development an investment or an expense? Is your training...

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How to Manage Your People Through Change

Stability in business is almost a thing of the past with increasingly rapid technological developments, a sharper focus on improving efficiencies, globalisation and now the potential impact of Brexit. While organisational change has become part and parcel...

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Preparing for Significant Change

Successful change which brings long-lasting benefits to your organisation can be difficult to implement. Managing such a change project – which will ultimately become a program of change in your organisation, resulting in all changes being embedded in the...

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Why Self-Reflection is Important for Your Career

When you consciously take time to think about your career and the direction in which you are heading, and how it makes you feel, it’s important to start first with your self-reflection. Not the day to day commute, your working environment, your colleagues,...

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The Art of Communicating Effectively

This everyday activity - be it in your family and social interactions, at work with your colleagues, customers, clients, patients, service users, superiors or when you are sharing your thoughts and feelings emotionally – is an art form. I love George...

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How to Land Your Dream Job

Careers today don’t have the same meaning as they had years ago – the ‘permanent and pensionable’ mindset is long gone!  You are likely to have several careers during your working life now, and landing your dream job could be the culmination of many years...

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