How to Apply the Three ‘Ps’ of Managing

The only constant is change and never more so than with the current need to juggle all the issues, risks, demands, people and indeed the future of your business. To keep all the balls in the air, you need to concentrate on the three major roles you as a...

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Why Self-Awareness is Crucial in your Communications

Self-Awareness is having a clear understanding of your personality, your thoughts, emotions and ultimate behaviours.  It allows you to better understand how you affect other people, how they perceive you and how you ultimately manage your responses to them...

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How to Sharpen Your Negotiating Skills

Whether you are negotiating with your boss, colleagues, customers or suppliers there is always a risk of damaging your relationship.  Be that an existing relationship or building and developing a new relationship – the risk is high. Given Brexit is fast...

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How to Manage and Reduce Your Customer Complaints

All organisations who provide products and services to customers need complaints.  Whether they are called complaints, feedback or suggestions – the purpose and benefits of these are the same for your organisation. Complaints highlight where something is...

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