Career Clarity Roadmap

Imagine You Get To Do Your Dream Job Every Single Day!

I work with employees across many sectors and roles to clarify their goals and to develop their career and life plans – executives, senior management, managers, employees at all levels and individuals leaving employment to start up in business.

Imagine the clarity you will get and the relief you will feel, mapping out your career. Planning your career isn’t separate from planning the rest of life as your work is closely connected to the quality of your life.

How many of these can you relate to?
  • Setting a stretching, but achievable career goal which seems to be eluding you;
  • Feeling you’re getting left behind in the organisation or have you just outgrown your current job;
  • Absolutely loving what you do, but feeling under-valued, overwhelmed and are bordering on burnout;
  • Being tired of your current situation working endless hours, tackling increased workloads and asking yourself “is this it?
  • The endless juggling of your time between work and family commitments, and dealing with the associated guilt.

Is what you’re doing right now aligned with who you are and where you want to be?

In this continually changing world of work, are you struggling with your need to earn a living versus feeling ‘this isn’t me!’

Have you considered exploring how to land your dream job while continuing in your current role?

I can help you do this with my Career Clarity program, at the end of which you will have a road map showing:

  • Your progress to date;
  • What you want in the next three years;
  • What you have to do to get there.
In our mentoring sessions, I will guide you in:
  • Understanding what brought you to this point and the value of your work to date;
  • Learning how to balance the ‘need’ to stay in your current job with your ‘desire’ to do something different;
  • Clarifying your professional goals;
  • Refreshing your CV;
  • Honing your interview skills.

“I first worked with Charley Swords when transitioning from long term employment to setting up my own business three years ago.  Charley provided expert guidance and strong challenge to help me clarify future direction and goals and shared her experience in terms of setting up and running a successful business.  Since then she has provided support and guidance on several occasions in relation to many aspects of my life and career, in particular in relation to aligning life and business goals.   I consider her a trusted advisor and would have no hesitation in recommending her as a mentor and coach.”

S. O Connor


Two of the more common career problems I hear from clients are:

“I am afraid of interviews because I can’t express myself”

This lack of confidence, particularly at interviews, is a recurring issue.  Whether you are:

  • preparing for your first interview ever;
  • uncertain you can articulate your achievements and ideas confidently, as it is years since your last interview;
  • feeling this could be a tricky / complex interview;
  • disappointed with the outcome of your last interview.

It is important to reflect on your strengths, what you bring to the position and to work on how to communicate well and present yourself to best effect.

There is noone size fits all’ approach to the interview process and my work with you is tailored to meet your specific needs and covers three primary areas:

  • your approach to the interview;
  • your application and what it ‘says’ about you;
  • preparing you in terms of your communication skills and how to answer some probable questions.
“I’m embarrassed about my CV as it is so out of date”

Your CV is a powerful personal marketing tool and I can help you update it to incorporate the following:

  • Align your CV with frequently used terms and key words in job advertisements.
  • Present your qualifications and skills relative to the position you want.
  • Develop a compelling career summary emphasizing the breadth of your experience and the value you bring to the position.
  • Detail the results and outcomes you have achieved.
  • Emphasize how you can help the organization, rather than what you want in a job.
  • Structure and present it with impact and ensure correct grammar, word use and punctuation.

Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good and strong impression on a potential employer – so you need to make it work for you!

I approached Charley to see if she would do one-to-one mentoring with me in order to dive deep with my skills for the interview. Charley has been an exceptional mentor to me. She went through each and every fine aspect starting from the job description, SWOT analysis and other details within my CV. She helped me to articulate my personal strengths and the highlights of my career in the best possible way to present during the interview. She boosted my confidence to a new level. The interview tips that she provided were extremely helpful.

As a mentor she helped me find the better version of myself and she kept in touch with me continuously giving me encouragement and guidance until the day of interview, which gave me tremendous confidence. I am very delighted to say that this support helped my success in my promotion. I would highly recommend Charley to anyone who is looking for mentoring, interview preparation and who genuinely would like to practice and improve their managerial skills.

M. Vinu


The Career Clarity program is customised specifically to your individual needs and this is what we will cover:

Session 1

Evaluate Yourself

Getting back to your core values, clarifying your strengths and areas requiring development, identifying how your successes made you feel and who you ultimately want to be in life.

Session 2

Explore Options

Learn about the different ways of working, how to identify challenging yet achievable positions and how to think outside the box about where you ‘fit’ and the value you bring.

Session 3

Make Decisions

Identify the decision-making criteria against which all options will be considered; learn to be more decisive and proactive.

Session 4

Develop Your Career Road Map

Set your goals; commit them to paper and allow for flexibility.

Session 5

Write a Powerful CV

Review and revise your CV to present you in a powerful and professional manner.

Session 6

Get Interview Ready

Develop your boiler plate – who you are, what you have achieved, what you want and learn how to deliver this with impact and confidence.

It is delivered through:
  • Six one-hour mentoring sessions;
  • Conducted weekly via skype or by phone;
  • In between the mentoring sessions, I share practical self-assessment tools and worksheets and I reply to your questions by email;
  • Joint development of your career road map and implementation strategy.

I am passionate about empowering people and my philosophy is that people and how they are developed, will determine success at all levels.

I have worked in more than 26 countries over 21 years and I have a proven track record in showing professional clients how to chart new ways of working to create a solid career plan, express themselves confidently at interview and to strike more balance in their working and home lives.

I have achieved these results for clients within major corporations and businesses in financial and commercial sectors worldwide. The results achieved have been in the change of the individual in terms of:

  • who they want to be;
  • the career they want to have;
  • how they could influence their career change by changing their behaviours;
  • taking ownership of their career projection and using their road map;
  • developing a strong, impactful and results based CV;
  • presenting themselves with greater confidence;
  • proactively managing their self-development.

This ultimately resulted in improved self-awareness, focused career management and some powerful career changes, a gradual improvement in work-life balance and overall greater fulfillment.

My wide international experience enables me to build a relationship of trust with clients and to understand different cultures and value systems which has proven very valuable.

My business thrives because of my repeat business and referrals and because I am good at what I do!

Imagine what it will feel like to have done this Career Clarity program and you are excited about:
  • Positive opportunities coming your way;
  • No longer being at a crossroads in your career;
  • Having a clear direction and road map to get there;
  • Valuing yourself more and presenting yourself more confidently;
  • Having greater balance in your work and home life.
How great would that be?

And how great would it be to have a renewed sense of enthusiasm about where you are right now, knowing it won’t be where you will be forever?

Have a conversation with me and let’s see how we can work together to help you achieve this.

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