Management Mastery Program

What could a highly functioning management team do for your business and revenue?

I work with business owners with 20+ staff to develop a management team who are strong, cohesive and proactive so that they are united in their efforts to grow the business and serve their clients to a high standard.

Imagine you have a management team you trust and who will enable you to take time to actually work ON your business and not in it.

Imagine not having to micro manage everything and everyone – how would that make you feel?

  • Do you have fully engaged staff, do you believe productivity is at an all-time high or are you feeling overwhelmed because your management team are not able to, or perhaps, not allowed to, manage the daily short-term decisions?
  • What would it feel like for you to be able to step back and trust your management team to manage business as usual so you could step out of the daily activities and consider the bigger picture for your business?
  • Will you be impacted by external global factors like Brexit, the US trade tariffs etc. and do you have plans in place to deal with them?
  • One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself as a business owner is, can I afford to step out of the daily running of my business, or can I afford NOT to?

The reality facing most managers today is that they are all exceptionally busy, working against the clock and most worryingly, working in silos.  The ‘silo’ mindset brings territorial thinking into the business and it deters your management team from working laterally and collectively for your business.

Have you even wondered how your management team can have so many different and individual interpretations of what you expect of them, when you have communicated the same message to them collectively?

Do you feel your core values are reflected in how your managers are working either individually or collectively?  Would you like to have a set of guiding management principles which are consistently applied, embedded in your business?

Can you imagine what a tailor-made management model could do for your business where personal interpretation, and, misinterpretation, are eliminated?

“The team communication training and subsequent brainstorming workshop was very beneficial for our team. It highlighted areas of improvement which were needed, such as communication between colleagues as well as communication with management. Since this training we have made many changes, for the good, within our team and we are already seeing the benefit of this.”

A. Curran

CNM, HRBR, Ireland

“How can I effectively delegate to my team without causing unhealthy competition amongst them?”

This is not an unusual question from business owners and it highlights the continuing need for business owners to manage their management teams.  How can you do this when you have ‘fast-track’ managers, those who are progressing at a more regular pace and those who are quite fulfilled and happy to stay in a more junior management role?  The critical things which need to be managed in this scenario are your manager’s:

  • individual expectations;
  • collective responsibilities towards your business;
  • ability and willingness to treat each other with respect and dignity and work as a team.
“I’m tired hearing my managers say they haven’t enough time – how can I get this to change?”

This is very frustrating for business owners and suggests your managers cannot manage themselves, resulting in them not being able to manage their staff.  There are some key areas to be addressed with your managers in this situation:

  • whether this is their reality or just an excuse;
  • how well they know how they actually spend their time each day;
  • how much of this time is actually ‘lost’ to time-stealers and what this is costing your business.
“How can I get my managers to improve staff productivity and to understand the consequences of poor performance?”

The consequences of poor staff productivity and engagement are far-reaching and impact your customers, your staff morale and your bottom line.  This takes time to rectify and is the absolute remit of your management team.  The following people management initiatives need to be evaluated across your management team:

  • how much time they spend managing and consciously developing their staff;
  • how well they know them at all levels, and if they have strong relationships of trust with them;
  • how well they communicate their expectations to their staff, how they are considered valued members of the business team and how their interaction with your customers is crucial.
What you want are managers and leaders who:
  • are strong both individually and as a member of a cohesive management team;
  • possess the required skills and competencies to manage themselves, their customers, both internal and external, and their staff exceptionally;
  • care about your business and who want it to succeed.

Management Mastery is a program that is designed to achieve tangible and measurable results for business owners and their management teams:

  • developing and implementing a tailor-made and sustainable management model that works and where new managers can be successfully on-boarded;
  • closing the gaps within the current management team and between the management team and the business owner;
  • establishing management guiding principles for the business which must cascade down from the managers via their behaviour;
  • developing a culture of respect and integrity where there is no fear or favour shown and where the customer is the number one priority;
  • helping your managers get the best performance from their employees, respond to issues quickly, improve communications both internally and externally and create a more motivated and committed workforce resulting in higher quality results;
  • succession planning and developing your management teams’ skill sets to be better able to select your future senior leaders, who know your business inside out, from within your own ranks.
The Management Mastery program is all about making the management team work consistently, proactively and as one, for your business.

“Thanks to Charley, we have been enlightened as to how to better manage our customer service team and we will certainly be involving them a lot more in the future.”

C. McCarthy

Dublin, Ireland

There is great value in having your individual managers attend open programmes where they learn from managers in other sectors and businesses. However, when they try to bring this learning back into your business, not everyone on the management team will have the same understanding as their colleague and how that learning might be communicated or implemented can cause disruption.

The Management Mastery program is collective training where you bring your entire management team together for the good of the business and as part of strategic team-building.

I have worked in more than 26 countries over 21 years and I have a proven track record in showing executives, management teams, business owners and service professionals how to chart new ways of working to create something different which yields results.

I have achieved these results for business owners in the past and for business managers and various management and executive teams within major corporations worldwide.

  • The results achieved have been in the change of managers’ mindset in terms of how they managed their own behaviours and how they dealt with their staff, which resulted in improved staff engagement and productivity.  This ultimately resulted in improved sales and overall business results.
  • The experience, natural competencies, skills and attitudes of client management teams were challenged and developed to drive improved team performance, customer focus and overall business results.
  • My wide international experience enables me to build a relationship of trust with clients and to understand different cultures and value systems which has proven very valuable.

My business thrives because of my repeat business and referrals and because I am good at what I do!

“We engaged Charley to provide training to our senior management staff as part of our institutional development programme. She proposed a detailed and well developed program based on direct communication which was very professional and useful also for our institutional development.  Charley has an excellent personality for training. She is able to create a comfortable environment for learning whilst maintaining full participation from the staff at all times. We especially appreciate her ability to quickly align the program with the audience and also with the institution’s focus on results. We would strongly recommend Charley to any institution.”

A. Denaj

Member of the Management Board, ProCredit Bank, Albania

This is what we cover in the seven modules in the Management Mastery program:

Module 1


How leading, managing and coaching seamlessly and with a high degree of emotional intelligence will ensure more effective communication resulting in resolved problems, united employees and increased customer and employee loyalty.

Module 2

Strategy Development and Management

How to develop strategy and encourage BIG thinking from your managers.

Module 3

Managing People

How to get the best out of your people so you can achieve improved results, effectiveness, greater efficiency and sustainability through them.

Module 4

Customer Management

No customers = no business!

This module covers the essential ingredients for managing your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Module 5

Team Building

No room for silos!

Get your management team to trust each other, work together for the good of the business, support each other and to think and work laterally and collectively.

Module 6

Managing Your Use of Time

Make time work for you, eliminate some of the duplication of effort, pull back the ‘lost’ time and save money.

Module 7

Pull It All Together

Look back at how the implementation from each module has worked, where and how it could be refined and how it has benefited your business overall.

“Very informative experience, gained great self-awareness re my management role and have new tools to implement”.

Participant feedback on ‘Management In Practice’ training

INMO, Dublin

This comprehensive 90-day program is delivered through:

  • Seven full-day modules;
  • One every two weeks, delivered through a workshop;
  • Monthly Q&A call with your group where we discuss implementation of the learning from the previous module;
  • The workshops are conducted on your premises or in a venue of your choosing.
Harness the power of your team by investing in them collectively, consistently and confidently!
  • A loyal management team is like gold dust and the more you invest in developing and retaining your management team, the more they will commit to the success and growth of your business.
  • The total learning time is approximately eight days.  This is deliberate. Fragmented training does not result in collective thinking, application and implementation of the proven model, tools and methodologies.  Think of how much of your time will be freed up for strategic development as a result of this investment.
  • Imagine seeing your management team working as one; learning from their group dynamics and building strong relationships of trust with the single shared purpose of growing your business exponentially.  What will this do for your business?
  • What effect will this have on all your staff, and more importantly, on your customers?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to invest in this program for your management team, and ultimately for your business, so you can develop a strong, cohesive and proactive management team who are united in their efforts to grow the business and serve their clients to a high standard.

“Excellent workshop, everything explained really well and it will help the organization move forward”.

Participant feedback on ‘Management In Practice’ training

INMO, Dublin

If you want self-starting managers and leaders, strong and cohesive as a team and committed to your business and to your customers, the Management Mastery program will provide a framework for consistent, effective and efficient management processes which will bring out the best in your employees while boosting your bottom line.

Investing in your management team will bring you:

  • immediate benefits from more engaged and productive employees;
  • more deeply satisfied and loyal customers;
  • point-in-time management of short-term decisions and issues;
  • clear direction and purpose for your management team;
  • time for you to work ON the business, not in it!
Imagine your business in six months’ time, following this comprehensive Management Mastery program:
  • Your management team firing on all cylinders;
  • Your staff engaging better with customers and managers and being more fulfilled;
  • Your turnover and profits increasing;
  • Strategic planning is more precise, considered and timely.
This could be your reality!

Have a conversation with me and let’s see what’s right for you

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