I love what I do and I invest heavily in building relationships of trust.

I am well-travelled and consider myself something of an adventurer, and a lover of meeting new people. I have experienced the enduring kindness of people from many countries, cultures and creeds. I am also a lover of nature, learning and of life and I care deeply about our environment, the disparity in our global society and the legacy we will leave the next generation.

I have worked in more than 26 countries over the past 21 years with individuals, teams and organisations, implementing change and bringing all forms of learning to life.

I set up my own business in 1997 having resigned from corporate banking and I specialise in advising and training executives, leadership and management teams and individuals on mastering the practice of managing.

I have first-hand experience of running a business and managing people, both in the corporate world and as a business owner, and regardless of where I have worked, and continue to work, the same management issues and concerns keep recurring.

I work closely with my clients and the concepts, tools and programs I deliver are all tailor made – unique to each individual and business. My focus is ultimately on people and my philosophy is that people and how they are treated and developed, will determine success at all levels.

I have a wealth of experience and an extensive track record in developed, emerging and transition economies throughout Ireland and Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Harness this experience for yourself, your management team and your business along with the formula I empower.

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